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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Opportunities Knocking

Opportunity’s Knocking

I used to think that I was poor,
but I don’t think that way no more.
See, I’m an opportunity.
You help yourself, by helping me.
I’m unencumbered by prosperity
and all the popularity
that comes from people I don’t know
because I have some extra dough.
So the morale of this little verse
is that my life would be much worse
if I just focused on the bad,
not seeing good and being glad
that I improve your mental health
by helping you to share your wealth.
So remember, when you’re feeling down,
just take some time and look around
at your golden opportunity
to help out someone just like me.
And it’s not hard if you just look.
For example, you could buy my book.
Why, it would give you such a lift
to use it as a Christmas gift.
“How thoughtful”, folks would say of you
because you gave them something new.
Now, don’t you think that would be better
than another necktie or a sweater?
See how much better you would feel.
That’s why this offer’s such a deal.
I’ll share my work, you share your wealth.
We’ll both improve our mental health.

Jeff Hildebrandt, copyright 2002

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