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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

When Winter Hits the Brazos

I feel a little like I'm living in the hole of a powdered donut. All around me there is white but where I am, nothing! I hope Santa brought you a shiny new snow shovel this year. Just remember, it's not long until you have to replace the snow blower with a lawn mower.

When Winter Hits the Brazos

When winter hits the Brazos,
the bluster of the breeze
can turn a longhorn steer around
and send cowboys to their knees.
The words you say just hang there,
then fall to earth like lead.
You have to melt ‘em in the fire
to hear what someone said.
But, all the fire gives off is light.
It just won’t warm you up.
By the time you get your coffee
it’s near frozen in the cup.

When winter hits the Brazos
the best a hand can do
is find a place to sit it out
till spring comes bustin’ through.
Then just enjoy it while you can.
It won’t be mild for long.
And when summer hits the Brazos,
Cowboys sing a different song.
They cuss and moan the steamy heat
and long for that time when
the frosty chill of winter
hits the Brazos once again.

Jeff Hildebrandt Copyright 2001