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Thursday, December 23, 2010


He told her this story
as they sat by the fire.
He swears it’s all true,
She thinks he’s a liar.
But he’s just an old cowboy
who’s memory’s not great
and he’s trying real hard
to get the facts straight.
So as they sat closer
in wine induced bliss
she smiled. And his story
went something like this:

You know Bridges and Brolin,
The Duke and Duvall,
Selleck and Eastwood;
Tommy Jones with that drawl.
But do you recall
the clumsiest cowboy of all?
Rudy, the red-nosed wrangler
used to drink so much it showed.
He didn’t need a flashlight
with a nose like his that glowed.
All of the other cow hands
used to laugh at him of course
cause Rudy, the red nosed wrangler
couldn’t even sit his horse.
Then one stormy summer’s morn
the ram-rod came to say,
“Rudy if you’re not too tight
won’t you ride with me tonight”.
Then all the other wranglers
smiled as it became quite clear
when it comes to summer showers,
Rudy the Red Knows Rain, dear.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2010

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