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Thursday, December 30, 2010


As we move into a new year, I wonder if we need to turn over a new leaf? Is it time to stop trying to be a better person and give in to the power of God? Time to stop trying to fight evil on your own and enlist God's army. Just let go and let God, as they say.


TV shows and magazines
are selling stuff with sexy scenes.
Movies where the bad guy wins
and never answers for his sins
are telling me that I could be
more happy than I am.
Come on, give in, don’t be a fool,
everybody cheats in school.
And only goody goodies frown
at drinking beer or sleeping ‘round.
It seems to me that I can be
more popular than I am.
I am confused. I feel abused
and cry out in frustration
“Help me today live life Your way,
lead me not into temptation.”
Cheat on my expense account,
no one’s gonna find me out.
Fudge a little on my taxes,
no one cares, besides the fact is
Plain to see I can be
much richer than I am.
Drugs and sex and alcohol,
why not give in and have a ball?
When everything is said and done,
material girls have all the fun.
Society is showing me,
who’s better than I am.
I am confused, socially abused
and cry out in frustration
“Help me today, live life your way,
lead me not into temptation.”
Temptation’s natural, not a sin,
unless, of course, I just give in.
So, I call on God’s unending power
to help me through my darkest hour
And then I see integrity
is part of who I am.
I’m not confused. I feel abused,
and wrestle with frustration.
But with the love from God above
I triumph o’er temptation.

Happy New Year!

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