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Monday, December 20, 2010

Platitudes about Attitudes

When you go to a bookstore or Amazon and see all those self help books, do you wonder if the writers really know what they're talking about? I see all those how-to-be-successful-like-me books and think the only way that person is successful is by getting us to buy the book. So I boiled the advice down into a free seminar.

Platitudes about Attitudes

Follow your dreams.
Seize the day.
Make a difference
right away.
Expand your horizons.
Reach for a star.
Learn something different,
like playing guitar
or blowing the harp.
Try writing in rhyme.
Ignite inner fires
cause now is the time
to make it all happen.
You must reach to achieve.
You can do what you want
if you only believe.
Inspiration is lurking.
Breathe it in like fresh air.
Feel it tingle your senses
when you’re least aware.
Put your worries behind you
and soon you will find
when it comes to success,
it’s all in your mind.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2004

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