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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blessed are the Poor

I think about those TV preachers who are promising prosperity, pressed down and overflowing, all you have to do is plant some seed money in their field. But what if God’s plan for your life is a minimum wage job because that’s where you can have the most influence winning souls to salvation?

Blessed are the Poor

Who told you that it would be easy?
Who said it would all go your way?
Who promised a garden of roses
or comfortable bed where you’ll lay?
Who told you your problems are over?
Who said that God’s waiting to serve?
Who promised a road without pot holes
and nary a hill or a curve?
The Lord made it clear you’re a servant.
The point’s not to get, but to give.
Don’t be fooled by the promise of plenty.
You must die to yourself, so you’ll live.

I’ll tell you, there are those who fleeced the flock, left the limelight in disgrace and have slithered back into the pulpit to scratch the itching ears of those who aren’t paying attention

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  1. Well said, but our minister *has it in" a little too much for one big time TV preacher. I don't think its a good thing to bad mouth another preacher from the pulpit over and over.