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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buffalo Bill

I think I may have mentioned earlier that this was one of actor, Dennis Weaver's favorites. He was very engaged in environmentalism and his efforts live on thanks to his family and friends. I used it in the book as an example of what can happen if we're not careful. Here ya go....

"There are consequences to be paid when we think of ourselves as the center of the universe.

The Buffalo Bill

They cared not for the future.
They cared not for the past.
They cared not for tradition,
and so, the die was cast.
They only thought of conquering the people,
so they planned
to starve them to submission
before they took a stand.
They hunted down the buffalo.
They killed them for their hide.
They killed them just because they could,
and millions of them died.
They killed them just for pleasure
and never gave a thought
to the impact of their slaughter
and what their carnage wrought.
And, only now, we understand
what the ancient people knew.
That, the One who made the buffalo,
is the One who made us too.
The Creator had a reason.
The Creator had a plan.
So that all things He created
were for the good of man.
And the ancient ones remind us
in their stories and their songs
that the buffalo kept man alive
in times that have since gone.
The warnings of our ancestors
today are coming true.
They said you’ll have to pay
and now the Buffalo bill is due.
We must learn from our failures
or the cycle will go on
and we will just eliminate
what we depend upon.
So, be cautious of the earth and streams.
Make sure the sky stays blue
or the next things that may go extinct,
my friend, are me and you.

So, let me to remind you to look outside yourself at all that God has done and look inside yourself to see all that God is doing."

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