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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm going to step away from sharing passges from my book. I've been waiting for February to get here so I could share this with you.


The sky’s pale blue
with a cloud or two
in suspended animation.
And a biting breeze
through leafless trees
makes a chilly combination.
Briskly walking,
no one’s talking
or looking at each other.
We must make haste,
no time to waste
by helping one another.
Six weeks ago
in spite of snow
we’d help and not think twice.
Not so today.
We go our way
with hearts as cold as ice.
What happened to
the love we knew?
We’ve changed, but what’s the reason?
Why don’t we share
our love and care
on past the Christmas season?
It seems the day
we put away
the tinsel and the tree
we also store
what Christ came for
and forget who we’re to be.
The sky’s pale blue
with a cloud or two
but, The Son is shining bright.
And if we serve,
not just observe
we help others see The Light.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2008

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