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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ridin' for the Boss and the Brand is alot about using the gifts God gave you to help others. This is from page 27 and I hope it shows that being a servant just takes willingness to get up, go, and do something.

Wondering what your talents are?
Tell me, can you drive a car?
You can be somebody’s chauffeur
or help a food bank as you go fer
anything that might help feed
some families that are in need.
You can go on mission trips;
praising God with hands and lips.
Help the hopeless, wash the dishes.
God’s not choosey, all He wishes
is that we show some love each day
to all those that He sends our way.
Ask God to open up the door
then walk on through to what’s in store.
I hope it doesn’t make you nervous
to learn that Christian life is service.
Remember, as you live your years,
God’s army’s made of volunteers.

When we answer God’s nudging and give a little piece of ourselves to others, we become the face of Grace. We personalize what could have been anonymous assistance.

We call him Cowboy

What makes a man
ride into a wind whipped,
gray-green storm cloud,
forsaking the comfort of coffee
to search for a stray?
Who, in their right mind,
takes on lightning streaked uncertainty
to help some ungrateful critter?
We call him “Cowboy.”
Jesus called him a “Good Shepherd.”

“God places the Holy Spirit within us and we are energized by his Spirit to do good works.” Colossians 1:29

Here's an after-thought that's not in the book. I read somewhere about doing the little things that others ignore as a way to be of unseen service to them. It could be picking up paper off the floor or cleaning up the drips around the coffee maker at work. Doing it quietly and lovingly is service that's meaningful to The Lord.

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