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Monday, May 24, 2010

Cowboy Church

Why do you think the Cowboy Church concept is gaining ground around the country? They are becoming their own denomination. What is missing from mainline religion that sends believers into sale barns, feed lots and festival tents? Could it be the message?

Cowboy Church

We sit on hay bales, folding chairs
and arena bleachers. No one cares.
No trendy dresses or tailored suits.
We mostly come in jeans and boots
to Cowboy Church.

As guitar music fills the place
we sing about Amazing Grace.
One look around will make it clear
Old-Time Religion’s practiced here.
They teach your worth is not your wealth,
love your neighbor as yourself,
be peaceful; turn the other cheek,
be confident but also meek.
They preach that in the Father’s plan
The Way to save the souls of man
is only through one sacrifice;
the death-for-all of Jesus Christ.

We come to praise the Lord above
and share with others how His Love
has changed our lives and can change theirs.
So come for fellowship and prayers
to Cowboy Church.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2008

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