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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Discover Your Inner Cowgirl

I spoke to a high school class that had been studying "Cowboy Ethics."
The teacher thought they should also be exposed to cowboy poetry.
After the class I got a note from one of the girls who wanted to
remind me there are a lot of Cow Girls out there too.
So I sent her this which was in the inaugural issue of IM Cowgirl
magazine a few years back.

Discover Your Inner Cowgirl

There’s a picture on her office wall
of a cowgirl out there in the fall
with a saddle pony grazin’ by her side.
In the distance, mountains capped with snow
make her wish that she could know
the thrill of being out there for a ride.
It’s not the most idyllic scene,
the grass and brush are brown, not green.
But, to her, it has a certain, raw appeal.
It’s a true life snapshot of the West
and the caption on it says it best:
“Discover how your inner cowgirl feels”
In her mind, she feels the autumn chill
in the breeze that blows from off the hill
where the cattle that she’s tendin’ stop to graze.
The clouds foretell a change of weather.
She hears the creek of saddle leather
and sees the cattle bunching in the haze.
She’s lost inside this Western art
which brings a calming to her heart
releasin’ stress that grips her like a vice.
The picture brings a sweet release.
Her inner cowgirl is at peace.
And that, my friend, is worth near any price.

Jeff Hildebrandt copyright 2006

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