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Friday, May 28, 2010

LIttle Blue Pill

Do some of you find that as you get older you need
chemical assistance to, ah.....perform ....the way you
did in years past? ya go!!!

The Little Blue Pill

My wife has found a website
where she buys some small blue pills
made up by female pharmacists;
designed to cure man’s ills.
She drops one in my oatmeal
then waits about an hour
for blood to rush up to my brain
increasing staying power.
Each Saturday I get a pill.
For 4 hours there’s no stopping.
The pill is called “Buy-agra”.
It’s so I will take her shopping.
Jeff Hildebrandt © 2006

By the way, the pills come with a warning:
"If the urge to shop lasts longer than 4 hours,
you need to stop for a Latte."

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