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Thursday, May 27, 2010


You might remember a Garth Brooks hit from several years ago
called “Rodeo”. Well, I wrote this parody after being around some
women (no names please) who take "shop till you drop" to a whole
new level.

Her eyes are cold and restless
Their bank account has healed
and He’d pay twice his taxes
just to change the way she feels.
Her love’s in California
and he knows she’s gonna go.
It ain’t no hunk she’s longin’ for,
it’s the street called “Ro - day- oh”
Well, it’s “Car-tee-ay” where you just pay
with plastic in this town.
And you’ve worked real hard for the gold in the card
she’ll spend the next go-round.
Well, there’s hats and suits and Gucci boots,
and he can’t let her go
It’s Polo and Klien and places to dine
and they call the street “Ro- day- oh”
He does his best to hold her but the craving drives her on.
And the need to spend consumes her
till he finds he’s over-drawn.
And, it’s so long all their savings easy come and easy go
You know this husband wants to keep her
from the street called Ro-day-oh
It’ll drive accountants crazy It’ll give a man the chills.
And he has to get a second job just to pay the monthly bills.
When he finally does convince her
that she’s bought all she can get ,
they find a way to tempt her on that danged ole internet.
cause there’s Car-tee-aye where you can pay
with plastic this time ‘round
You’ve worked real hard for the gold in the card
she spends while sittin’ down.
And, there’s hats and suits and Gucci boots
now, she don’t have to go
just sit in the house with a click of the mouse
she can shop along Ro-day-oh

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2005

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