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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Morgan

After my stint in the Army, I got a radio job in Kansas City. A friend of mine was caught up in the movie, “Billy Jack” and decided he wanted a horse. So he bought a Morgan and stabled it at a nice little ranch not far from his home. We spent a lot of weekends out there and one of them inspired this poem. It's a true story. It's also one of the poems from "Sayin' Ain't Bein'."

The Morgan

This here little story, which I will now relate
is about a certain tenderfoot, a Morgan horse and fate.
He and friends were drinking from a tub of ice cold brew
and between ‘em all they must-a put away a case or two.
Now, the Morgan horse was bareback, wearing just a pair of reins
and this tenderfoot had lots of liquid courage in his veins.
He jumped aboard and tugged the reins; the Morgan reared right up.
This tenderfoot rocked back and forth but never did give up.

And as he rocked, he pulled the reins, harder than before
not knowing of the danger or the pain that lie in store.
That Morgan horse reared up again, but this time didn’t stop.
and flipped on over backward, landing right on top
of that tenderfoot who lay there, underneath that Morgan mare,
while all his friends could do it seemed was stand around and stare.
Well the horse got up and so did he, and says now, of that summer
the beer he drank had been misnamed;
it should be called “Bud-dumber”.

In response to questions, I have written and self published several Cowboy Poetry books.
The first was "Prairie Prose...and Cons." That was followed by "Cowboy Up, America," "Sayin' Ain't Bein'; When God turns out the Lights, will you be in the Dark?" and finally, "Ridin' for the Boss and the Brand." In order to keep the cost reasonable, I don't sell these books through bookstores. Do you know how much they add to the price and how little they pay the author?
Anyway, you have my email ( and if you're interested in "Prairie" or "Ridin'..." let me know.
The others are out of print.

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