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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have myself a Facebook page
and I don’t know ‘bout you
but I just sort-a make stuff up
cause if it all was true
you’d know my life is boring.
So I write that I’m a fan
of vegetarian Bar-B- Q
and getting spray on tans.
I say I play the sitar blues
in my pick-up truck from Dodge
enroute to study Tai-Kwan-Do
and advanced equine massage.
I am “friends” with lots of people,
some I’ve even met.
I support all kinds of causes.
What they are, well, I forget.
I follow several web based blogs
and write one of my own.
I tweet my twitter updates
on my brand new high-tech phone.

I-M means Instant Messaging
at rates I can’t afford.
While building up my self esteem,
“I AM” just gets ignored.
In this semi-social universe
it seems the main attraction
is expanding on a network
while avoiding interaction.
So, instead of texting others
about some TV show
I should use this new technology
to ask the folks I know
to meet me and to volunteer
to help someone in need
or come with me to worship.
That way I plant a seed
of social interaction
the way our God implored
and expand upon the network
that brings glory to The Lord.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 082310

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