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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Full Moon

When I wrote my latest book mixing message with poetry, I was going to title it, "I just want to moon the world." I had a great picture in mind for the cover. Cooler heads prevailed and I called it, "Ridin' for the Boss and the Brand." Those cooler heads thought more people would be interested in buying a book with a positive title than one that sounded angry. I agree and thank them for their willingness to tell me when I've gone too far. (BLATANT PLUG: by the way, I still have a few copies left if you'd like to add to your library or buy a unique Christmas gift for your pastor or suggest it as a group study resource.) Right now, here is your chance to read the poem that inspired the first title:

He came in from the line shack
where he’d spent some time alone
without a television, a newspaper or a phone.
We told him what was hap’nin’
and I thought I saw a tear
as he said “I want to moon the world
and I think I’ll start right here.”
Then, as his hands moved belt-ward,
the buckle to release,
he said, “A moon’s the only thing
that’ll give this world some peace.”
His thumbs wrapped round the leather,
as he looked us in the eye
and said “I want to moon the world
and I’m gonna tell you why.

They’re fencing off the grassland;
they’re poisoning the streams
Free speech and self reliance
will soon be just a dream.
Bart Simpson is a hero.
Our kids can't pray in school.
‘Don't get mad, get even’
has become our Golden Rule.
The people we put faith in
have sold us down the river
So we plead with politicians
in hopes they can deliver
all the people in the country
from graft and corporate greed.
But in the end, I’ll tell you friend,
a moon is what they need.”

He said, “I did some thinkin’,
up yonder in the woods
and I bet if we all mooned the world,
it’d do the place some good.
Just ponder, partner, on the moon
and where it gets its light.
See, it’s reflected from the sun
so we won’t curse the night.”
Then he opened up a Bible
and a smile shown in his eyes
as he told us with excitement
that he just could not disguise,
“You know, if we reflect God’s Son
to a sin dark human race,
then when we “moon” the whole wide world,
it’ll be a better place.”

Jeff Hildebrandt copyright 2009

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