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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

They'll Do It Anyway

Everywhere we look these days, we see our world spinning out of control. You watch the news, I don't need to tell you. I wrote this back in my "confrontational poetry" era in the 90s. Even then, the mainline denominations were letting values erode under the pressure of the, "if it feels good, do it" and "what's right for me is right" organizations. The original version of this was a lot harsher and more specific but I toned it down a little because...well, because I can make the point without turning up the heat so the pot boils over. You know there are people out there who use violence to make their point.

They'll do it anyway...

There are condoms in the classroom.
Precaution’s preached in school.
But, no one’s talking abstinence
cause that’s against the rules.
You have to realize, we’re told
new rules apply today.
We must provide protection,
cause “They’ll do it anyway”.

Soap Opera’s feature soft-core porn.
And if you lust for more,
you can buy the really raunchy stuff
in a local video store.
Talk shows thrive on deviates
who preach a Godless nation.
The more perverse their lifestyle is
the more our fascination.
You have the right to watch, we’re told.
Free speech is law today.
And even if we all object
“They’ll do it anyway”.

Every special interest group
spews forth their brand of hate.
And Christians bite their tongues
because we can’t discriminate.
It’s time WE called a sin, a sin
not look the other way.
It doesn’t make it right because
“they’ll do it anyway”.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2010

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