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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great American Wild West Show

The Great American Wild West Show is getting ready for their next extravaganza. It will be in Reno, Nevada at the state fair. I have known these folks for quite a few years and love to see their show. It combines great Western music, stagecoaches, trick riders, Native dancers, long horn cattle drives and fun for the whole family. I adapted one of my poems to fit their presentation and they have been kind enough to let me perform it when I can make it out to one of their events. I only wish I could be with them in Reno.

He’s a Cowboy,
with a hundred years of history
that’s no where near the mystery
and romance on the range the movies show.
He’s like those who rode the Goodnight Trail
pushin’ cows from Texas to the rail
when a Cowboy’s Code was all you had to know.

Vaquero blood pumps through his veins
and he is all that now remains
of a breed-a men whose handshake sealed a deal.
And the Great American Wild West Show
may be your only chance to know
they weren’t no Urban Cowboys, they were real.

From the golden days of Buffalo Bill
these legends live and always will
in the minds of everyone who comes to see
the sights and sounds and stories told
of Indians and riders bold
cause, the way it is, is how it used to be.

Jeff Hildebrandt Copyright 2000

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