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Monday, September 20, 2010

By Faith?

Is your church immersed in Stewardship? We've had a number of sermons lately on giving to the cause of Christ. Our pastor makes the point that it is not about giving to this church or that church, but rather, giving so the work of "The Church" can continue around the world. Unfortunately, most of the folks who fill the seats on Sunday just tune out that message. I made the point in my book, "Ridin' for the Boss and the Brand," that our weekly offering should be our response to God's Love, Grace and Generosity toward us. (Not to mention the fact that God clearly expects a tithe).


The church should run on faith, I say.
The church should let God pay it’s way.
Let God inspire each person’s heart
and only then should they take part.

You ask for pledges, but instead
I’ll give each week, as I am lead.
If all I bring’s a buck or two
I guess then, that will have to do.

Cause, the church should run on faith, you see.
Let God support His ministry.
No money, then without a doubt,
God’s saying, cut some programs out.

You want committment, but instead
I have to keep my family fed,
and, the church should run on faith, you see.
What do you mean, the church is me?

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