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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Ole Days

I don’t know, but it seems to me
that all the popularity
of Western songs and Cowboy rhymes
is ‘cause we long for simpler times,
when folks were free to make their way
without restrictions, like today.
A time when you could ride for days
and never see a city’s haze.
When air was clean and streams were pure
and the strongest smell was cow manure.
A time when every day was spent
not thinkin’ ‘bout the government.
Remember how it used to be?
Folks used to be more neighborly,
when wrong was wrong and right was right
and streets were safe to walk at night.
But now, we lock our doors and pray
we’ll just survive another day.
But there’s one truth that helps us cope.
Despite our troubles, there is hope.
The God who made the earth and sky
is there to help us all get by.
So, we can sing of better times
in Western songs and Cowboy rhymes.

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