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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He's a Cowboy

He’s a Cowboy,
with a hundred years of history
that’s no where near the mystery
and romance on the range the movies show.
He’s like those who rode the Goodnight trail
pushin’ cows from Texas to the rail
when a Cowboy’s Code
was all you had to know.

It’s Courage, Strength and Loyalty,
Good Humor, Trust and Decency.
And when he gave his word,
he wouldn’t fail.
A man who’d face stampedin’ beeves,
wild Indians and cattle thieves,
then swear there weren’t much trouble
on the trail.

He’s a Cowboy

Vaquero blood pumps through his veins
and he is all that now remains
of a breed-a men whose handshake
sealed a deal.
His Stetson’s stained with honest sweat,
his boots are scuffed and you can bet
he ain’t no Urban Cowboy;
he’s for real.

He’s not afraid of workin’ hard
out in the field or his own back yard
and he gives thanks to God
for all His grace
The Cowboy Code says lend a hand
and he does that every time he can
and thanks to him,
this world’s a better place.

He’s a Cowboy.

Jeff Hildebrandt Copyright 1999

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