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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Maze 'N Grace

This is one of those poems that simmered for a long time. I had the title and the concept, but it just wouldn't come together. Maybe its done, maybe not. You'll have to let me know. Maybe you'll think about your choices the next time you see a Halloween maze that kids go thru.

A Maze ‘n Grace

My mind’s a haze. My life’s a maze.
All I see in front of me
are choices.
Turn left, turn right but hid from sight
is where I’ll be, ‘cause all I see
are choices.
Free reign, free will were good until
I found one day I’d lost my way
thru choices.
No matter how much time I’d spend
I wound up facing a dead end.
No way forward, one way out
forcing me to turn about.
Heading back to where I was.
Starting over just because
of my choices.
Free will, free reign just led to pain.
But, up above, God waits with love
No matter what
my choice is
God knew I’d find that peace of mind
I’m looking for if I’d ignore
the choices
If you, like me are lost, can’t see
the forest for that great big tree
called choices.
The path is clear, the map is here.
Kneel down and pray, you’ll find The Way
to clear the haze, escape the maze
and find what you were meant to do.
Stop looking down, don’t look around,
look up instead and you’ll be led
in your choices.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 8/25/2010

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  1. Excellent! This really hits home. I think it is done and very well I might add! Thank you...