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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Restoration Hardware

So, I'm walking thru the mall and stop to have a Starbucks. Actually, I stop while Luanne has a skinny vanilla latte. We're sitting across from Restoration Hardware. I get a mental tweak about the words and then....nothing. I wrote down the thought and kept coming back to it wondering what I could do with it. I don't think the rhyme is as important as the fact that now, when you walk past the store, you may be able to use the name as a trigger for witness. "Hey, look at that...I know a guy who...."


Why wonder why the world’s a mess;
Why Jews and Christians are oppressed;
Why everywhere prayer is repressed;
There’s no need to second guess
cause all of that has been addressed.
It’s in the Book.
I find there is a real connection
with those who sought the Lord’s protection
when suffering the world’s rejection.
Just following Divine direction
led to attitude correction.
It’s in the Book.
Reading unlocks revelation
about God’s plan for our salvation
that started prior to creation.
And with the Spirit’s inspiration
you will find there’s restoration.
It’s in the book.
So when you find life hard to bear
go to God in quiet prayer.
Search the scriptures; that is where
the Lord has comfort He will share.
This Restoration…Hardware.
Is The Book.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2010

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