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Friday, September 17, 2010

Ghost Writers in Disguise

I have heard a number of parody's of famous songs. I've written a few myself, by myself, for myself. If you know the Stan Jones' song, Ghost Riders..then you may be able to hum along as you read the words. If you don't know it, see if you can find it on line, possibly YouTube. You have the rest of the weekend, so no pressure. I picture this taking place in a Beverly Hills Deli where I've seen Larry King and others congregate over breakfast.


A group of writers met one day,
the way they’d met before.
They talked about the books they’d done
and who they’d written for.
One had penned a kiss and tell for
a movie actor’s wife
who told him every detail of
her rather steamy life.
Another one had written for
a former football star,
and several politicians but
he won’t say who they are.
He wrote of things they overcame
as if the words were theirs.
He’s a master of rose coloring
the stories each one shares.
Yippee-yi-ya, Yippee-yi-yo
They’re rolling in ..the dough
Those writers walked on past me
and I heard one make this claim;
If you want to be successful but
avoid the crush of fame
you must not seek the limelight,
write in partial truths and lies
then you can join the group that’s called
Ghost Writers in Disguise.
Yippee-yi-ya, boy does it pay
Ghost Writers in Disguise

Jeff Hildebrandt, copyright 2002

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