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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Your Hat's Not Welcome Here

There is a story making its way around the email trail. And me, not being one to leave well enough alone, turned that parable into a poem. Now that I think about it, this is just how the whole concept of cowboy poetry got started. Think for a moment about a cowboy telling how he was hired to break a really rank Roan. How many times do you think you could listen to that before it got old? Now, think about how many times you’ve sung along to “The Strawberry Roan.” Anyway, I hope you get the point of the story.

Your Hat’s Not Welcome Here

It was a sunny Sunday morning
when a cowboy went to town.
He headed for the nearest church
and quietly sat down.
There was polish on his well worn boots,
his shirt was starched and clean,
he’d brushed the ranch off his hat
and wore his best pressed jeans.
The church was mighty fancy
and the folks dressed fancy, too.
And they all looked him over
as they headed to their pews.
The organ sounded beautiful,
the choir all sang in tune,
the preacher didn’t talk too long
and he was out by noon.
And as he left, the preacher said,
“You’re new here, aren’t you friend?
I thought so by the way you’re dressed.
I hope you’ll come again
but do a little praying first.
Ask God what you should wear.”
Next Sunday, he was back in church
and felt the preacher’s glare
cause he was dressed just like last week.
Not a single soul said “hi”
but the preacher pulled him to one side
and asked the cowboy why
he came back dressed that way.
The cowboy shook his head.
The preacher pressed the issue
until the cowboy said,
“Preacher, I did like you asked
and prayed He’d make it clear.
But God don’t know your dress code
since he never has been in here.”

Jeff Hildebrandt ©2010

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  1. After reading this entry and others, I just wanted to tell you that I've enjoyed their humor, charm and truth. I've added you as a blog I follow so that I may keep up with new entries. Curiously, I came here by way of Clint Walker's website! ;o)

    Feel free to visit me at Life & Faith in Caneyhead. The coffee is always on.