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Monday, September 27, 2010



A western’s got a hero,
who’s got a special horse.
There’s lots of fights and shoot-em-ups
and the good guys win of course
But, when the bad guy’s got the drop,
and the good guy was in trouble.
Who’s the one who went for help,
and brought it on the double?

Why it’s the trusty sidekick
and it’s a gal dern shame
that no one’s ever opened up
a sidekick hall of fame
to honor guys like Gabby Hayes
and good old Andy Clyde.
Cause a hero’s just a sandwich
if there’s no one by his side.

There’s Nugget Clark and Soapy Jones.
Lullaby and Lasses,
Fuzzy, Frog and Cannonball,
ah-headin’ em off at the passes.
And there were those we’d recognize
before we’d even see ‘em
cause their voice was so distinctive,
we just knew it had to be ‘em.
Smiley Burnett and Chill Wills
come to mind along with
Slim Pickens and Andy Devine.

I tell you those sidekicks were somethin’
and you know, it’s my belief
that somehow we should pay tribute
to those masters of comic relief.
So, doff yer hat and raise yer glass
to the sidekicks of yesterday.
And look to that heavenly round up,
cause, they went that a way.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 1999

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