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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heed the Call (NRA version)

Several years ago, Western artist, Katie West, asked me to do a poem that would go with one of her paintings titled, "Heed the Call." I did. Since then, I've been able to adapt it to particular circumstances using different Western heroes. This is the latest version. I created it for a National Rifle Association banquet/charity auction on Sept. 11th. I used Charlton Heston as our hero, since he was the long time president of the NRA. The picture in my mind comes from his character in The Big Country.
I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Heston and spend some time with him at his home in L.A. I was impressed with his hospitality and gentleness.


I saw Chuck Heston horseback
in a dream the other night,
wearing six guns and that big brimmed hat.
He was heading for a fight.
It’s not a fight he wanted.
That’s not the case at all.
But when someone was in trouble,
he’d step up to heed the call.

Then I heard the trumpets blowing
midst the sound of shot and shell,
and saw patriots go marching
right up to the gates of hell,
cause when they saw Old Glory,
it inspired them, one and all
to grasp the torch of freedom;
to step up and heed the call.

When I woke up and looked around,
as far as I could see
were people who were ready
to defend our liberty.
Our heroes are not gone, I thought.
That’s not the case at all.
They’re the ones who fight for freedom,
who step up and heed the call.

Jeff Hildebrandt copyright 9/11/2010

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